Floral frontiers

When the Hubble Space Telescope was originally imagined, the photographs that it was to take were ridiculed in NASA circles as “mere public relations fodder”.  Yet, years later, the photographs are one of the projects greatest triumphs.

In addition to capturing beautiful images, Hubble has generated masses of data, which has been used to answer all kinds of astronomical questions.  It has literally, shed light on mysteries such as the nature of stars, galaxies and black holes, the existence of dark matter, and the age of the universe.  It has fundamentally changed our understanding of, and interaction with, the world around us.  Yet to many people, space technology and exploration is a waste of time and money because they cannot see how it is relevant to day-to-day life.  Never mind, that space technology gives us weather forecasts, global communications and navigation.

Floral Frontiers aims to link the incomprehensible with the everyday; the vast and mysterious universe, with the world at our feet.   I endeavour to show that everything in the universe is interconnected; the big and the small, the powerful and the fragile.  In doing this, I hope to address larger ideas of time and origins.